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Fiberglass Courses

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Fiberglass Courses for All Areas and Skill Levels

All of our fiberglass courses are a mixture of discussion and hands on work with materials. These courses are designed to be practical - you will learn the skills necessary to your projects. Previous experience or specialized degrees are not necessary - our courses are designed to suit anyone, from general interest to people with a fiberglass or resin project or repair.

Boaters will learn to maintain and repair their wooden and fiberglass watercrafts, water and fuel tanks and even learn the skills to build a boat from scratch.

Clubs are welcome, we will create a course designed to teach general equipment repair and maintenance. If you belong to a hobby, boat, aircraft or other club, a workshop or seminar can be arranged at your location or at our workshop.

Crafters and designers will enjoy the varied mold making and jewelry design courses offered. Expand your medium to include resin casting. Learn to make your own molds for unique projects and designs. Browse the course catalogues to find a course that suits your requirements.

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Courses Designed To Fit Your Needs

Have a small project? - bring it with you!

Ed Gillis Consulting will work with you on any project and will design a course to suit your specific requirements.